Versatility of Ian Kwok and Nancy Lee [Cat. 1 Tickets]

21 Jun 2014 (Sat) 7:30PM @ Drama Centre

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This project showcases the versatility of Mr Ian Kwok Kwong Luen and Ms Nancy Ng in performing both civilian and military roles of Chinese Opera, especially Cantonese Opera.

Ian Kwok, currently working in Singapore MRT, has been under the tutelage of Mrs Joanna Wong, Artistic Director of CTC for more than 15 years, and is one of the upcoming artists nurtured and groomed by Joanna Wong to take on lead roles. Ms Nancy Ng, a business woman, is a free lance amateur Cantonese Opera artist with more than ten years of experience in performing Cantonese Opera. She is selected by Joanna Wong to partner Ian Kwok to become the fourth pair of upcoming artists groomed by Joanna Wong to take centrestage in CTC’s performances.

As the programme focuses more on display of martial art skills, CTC collaborates with the famous China Guangzhou Hong Dow Cantonese Opera Troupe which will provide 11 supporting artists (including three percussionists) to assist CTC in this project.

The programme comprises the following opera excerpts:- Ian Kwok will lead in three excerpts, namely, “Lin Chong’s Melancholic Farewell”, “Lin Chong’s Forced Rebellion”, and “Battle At Lian Lang Fortress” while Nancy Ng will lead in two breathtaking excerpts “The Vixen Demon” and “Rescue Of A Scholar”. Finally, both Ian Kwok and Nancy Ng will perform together in the excerpt “The Ambivalent Warrior”.

It is pertinent to point out that “Battle At Liang Lang Fortress” is basically Beijing Opera. Ian Kwok is experimenting with weaving Beijing Opera with Cantonese Opera, arguably the first of its kind in Singapore. In the excerpt “Rescue Of A Scholar”, Nancy Ng will demonstrate her skills in “fire spitting”. Nancy will also display her special martial art skills of “Duo Sou” ( kicking lances) in the excerpt “The Nixen Demon” which is presented for the first time on a Cantonese Opera stage here.

Subtitles in both Chinese and English will be used to accompany the performance. Joanna Wong will conduct a pre-performance talk to highlight the niceties of the excerpts to the audience and hence enhance appreciation by the audience.

This is the first time such a varied Cantonese Opera programme is presented. The objectives are as follows: firstly, to present quality performances for the public; secondly, to demonstrate that hardwork and perseverance in the arts will eventually yield dividends; thirdly, to showcase the possibility of making Chinese Opera relevant in our modern society; fourthly, to augment the audience base for Chinese Opera, especially to attract the younger generation to watch Chinese Opera and hopefully participate in Chinese Opera activities; and fifthly to show that CTC is serious in nurturing and grooming up talents.

Sat Jun 21, 2014
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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